Employee Retention Program
Employee Retention Program

Tools for Managers to Retain Employees

This training course explores the challenges managers face to meet deadlines, motivate their staff, and reduce costs while building loyalty in their key people. It delivers the skills new and existing managers need in order to deliver engaging, motivating, and powerful communication to each employee.

The Goal(s): To retain your staff. To retain your managers. To give your managers skills to reduce turnover in their department. You know retention skills can make a difference in the employee experience, as well as on profits and want new and/or existing managers to receive the training.

Your Challenge: Your company is concerned, you need to reduce staff exits. You recognize that the high turnover rate could be indicative of poorly skilled direct Supervisors. Likewise, Exit Interviews indicate that middle management techniques may be a problem or Employee Surveys Interviews indicate that middle management techniques may be a problem or Employee Surveys point to management communication as a significant issue impacting performance or job satisfaction. Maybe there are no indicators, but new managers were recently promoted and you want them to start out on the right note. Now is the time to teach your managers to identify and address turnover issues before they arise. You must ensure that retention continues long after the incentive programs and/or retention bonus ends.

How Can Retensa Help: Retensa works with your firm to teach managers how to drive the message of retention into every point of contact with their staff. Managers learn to reinforce employee productivity and open communication, to coach employees, to provide meaningful feedback, and to inspire employees to work as an effective team by providing immediacy-based recognition. We establish benchmarks to measure individual progress. The customized course leads through one-on-one role plays, real life work case scenarios and other highly interactive learning methods.

Results: Participants complete this program with increased agility to respond to the changing needs of their staff, and they often:

• Reduce turnover up to 67%
• Achieve business goals faster
• Reduce Absenteeism up to 42%
• Establish preventative measures toward future loss of key employees
• Individual "Turnover Profiles" increase new employee referral rates
• Have more time to perform and innovate, rather than "deal with the people issues"

Would you like to know how to get these results for your organization?

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